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I found this article that might be of interest to those of you battling Breast cancer.  I didn' t realize it was discover as early as 40 B.C.?   It's a chronologicial stepping stone of history which may have some interest for those of you who care to wonder. 

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Pen sent you a prayer.
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Thanks PEN. Back at you. Just replied to your latest post. Think it's time for me to make one.
So sorry I am a day late.
♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫
♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫
♫ Happy Birthday dear Louise ♫
♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫
♫ Have a beautiful and blessed day ♫
♫ Love and Hugs ♫
♫ Joyce ♫
Thank you so much Joyce. Right now I'm in Cabarete Beach.
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New technology for early breast cancer patients

This is good news for our newcomers to the Blog or for anyone who has a friend or family member who has recently had a mammogram and were told they see something.  I know the technology has been around for benign cancer tumors but this is a whole new way of helping a group of breast cancer patients who have very small tumors and don't need to go through full blown surgery.  I hope this helps some of you to ask questions regarding this option. 




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Thanks for posting, Weezie!
Happy St. Patrick's Day Birthday to you! Mine is the day before! Almost Birthday Twins! :)
I have a great love for all things Irish...:) will be turning 50 this year...good grief. Hope you are doing well.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHY. THIS IS YOUR DAY !!!!! Turning 50 is such a great one. I hope you think so too. Wish it were only that for me but as mother nature would have it, I was born 17 (almost) years before you. Believe me, if you get to my age and have survived cancer, consider yourself a very lucky person. Of course I didn't get diagnosed until 10 years ago, but to my Oncologist's surprise, I'm still in pretty good shape. Because he's shy he actually turned red when I asked him if I was an anomoly? He shyly changed a reder shade of peach and nodded yes I think so. So at that I took off to Cabarete Beach in Dominican for the month of March. I hope to post with photos for all to see. considering I lost my love - my sweetest of all in May, I am trying to keep it together and not cry every day. I am staying at the same place as we did last year. It brings fond memories and ones that are new as well. Contradictions of life. I can't bring him back but I can honour him by going forward. Love to you and have a great day and evening. Tomorrow will be bitter sweet for me. Hopefully a quiet dinner somewhere. A friend is arriving from Toronto today. Will be glad of the company. Take care. Photos and post to come.
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