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New technology for early breast cancer patients

This is good news for our newcomers to the Blog or for anyone who has a friend or family member who has recently had a mammogram and were told they see something.  I know the technology has been around for benign cancer tumors but this is a whole new way of helping a group of breast cancer patients who have very small tumors and don't need to go through full blown surgery.  I hope this helps some of you to ask questions regarding this option. 




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Thanks for posting, Weezie!
Happy St. Patrick's Day Birthday to you! Mine is the day before! Almost Birthday Twins! :)
I have a great love for all things Irish...:) will be turning 50 this year...good grief. Hope you are doing well.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHY. THIS IS YOUR DAY !!!!! Turning 50 is such a great one. I hope you think so too. Wish it were only that for me but as mother nature would have it, I was born 17 (almost) years before you. Believe me, if you get to my age and have survived cancer, consider yourself a very lucky person. Of course I didn't get diagnosed until 10 years ago, but to my Oncologist's surprise, I'm still in pretty good shape. Because he's shy he actually turned red when I asked him if I was an anomoly? He shyly changed a reder shade of peach and nodded yes I think so. So at that I took off to Cabarete Beach in Dominican for the month of March. I hope to post with photos for all to see. considering I lost my love - my sweetest of all in May, I am trying to keep it together and not cry every day. I am staying at the same place as we did last year. It brings fond memories and ones that are new as well. Contradictions of life. I can't bring him back but I can honour him by going forward. Love to you and have a great day and evening. Tomorrow will be bitter sweet for me. Hopefully a quiet dinner somewhere. A friend is arriving from Toronto today. Will be glad of the company. Take care. Photos and post to come.
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Long time since posting. Nothing to say but WATCH 

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Sherri sent you a hug.
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Hello Louise! Just wishing you an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Wonderful St. Patrick's Day. Hope you have a great day.
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That's awfully sweet of you Kathy. It's an exciting one. We are leaving on Tuesday for Dominican Republic, staying at a condo in Cabarete Beach. Can't wait to celebrate St. Paddy's there, as we did 2 years ago. Such fun. My aching bones need some sun. For some reason my arthritis has kicked up lately and it's darned hard to walk very far, or do things like vacuuming, sweeping, things that required bending. Oh well, this lovely 16 days, I plan to spend lots of time at the beach, literally 2000 yards from our ground floor condo. Hopefully I can post something when we get back. Adios for now.
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Wiil it has been awhile, as of March 28 it will be 5 years blessed. I needed to re-canect with my Sister and Brothers to support those fighting, Celebrate each Birthday.😘
Happy late Birthday
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